The Religious Education program will suspend classes until further notices. I will keep you informed on what plan we choose to continue instruction for your children.  As always, may God keep you and your family safe.  God bless.  Mrs. Jean

Religious Education Program office is taking registrations for the year 2019-2020.  Register at the rectory during business hours.  New registrants need to bring their baptismal certificate. The registration fee is $40 for 1 child, $55 for 2 children, $60 for 3 children in the same family.  Classes meet on Sundays from 9:45 A.M. until 10:45 A.M. in the school cafeteria. Mass follows at 11 A.M.  (Because Mass is now celebrated in the cafeteria, please bring your children on time and send them right to the 2nd floor.  We will use the same entrance door, so please arrive quietly.)  Click here for calendar.

After reception of the sacrament of Holy Communion, your child should be enrolled in a follow-up program until he or she is ready for Holy Confirmation.  You can register in the rectory during business hours.

If you interested in becoming a catechist, please contact Mrs. Jean at the rectory at 718-525-9099.  Thank you.

God bless you.